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A.N.I. Nickel Plating for Severe Environment Actuator Protection

Autocatalytic Nickel Infusion (A.N.I) is a specially developed process used for protection of the actuator in severe environments. The process uses a higher concentration of phosphorous in the nickel bath than normal electroless nickel plating processes. This results in a harder nickel deposition over the entire surface, giving the finished actuator superior corrosion protection and greater hardness.

Another advanced feature of the A.N.I. process is the utilization of a special pioneered "real time x-ray deposition monitor". The device allows complete control for the exact uniform nickel deposit desired.


  • Greater corrosion resistance and greater hardness with infused deposition control.
  • X-ray Real Time Deposition ensures a uniform A.N.I infused deposition. It does not rely on variable dependant chemical control and timing procedures.
  • Thickness can be controlled to within a .01-micron tolerance.
  • Nickel Deposition 20μ is held uniformly over the entire surface.
  • Improved hardness from 53 to 58 Rc vs. others at 45 to 49 Rc.
  • Corrosion Resistance Process of choice for optimum corrosion and salt spray resistance.
  • Certificate of compliance/chemical analysis available upon request.

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