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In The News
UniTorq is proud to announce that the company submitted a provisional patent application on November 25, 2015 for proprietary technical advances on its new line of pneumatic rack and pinion actuators. Most notably, UniTorq introduced two design advancements to address points of failure and stress common in other actuators:
  1. An upgraded thrust bearing that limits friction between the actuator body and pinion and
  2. A minimum of two pinion teeth engagement with the piston rack throughout the actuator stroke, unique in the industry, to provide consistent torque output and accuracy. These design advancements improve actuator durability and efficiency.
We are excited to announce that UniTorq has been granted patent pending status on our cornerstone line of rack and pinion actuators and will continue to take steps to protect the intellectual property that enables our products to lead the industry in innovation and reliability. “ said Jack Curtin, President of UniTorq. “We’re confident our customers will continue to rely upon UniTorq’s commitment to providing the best, and most cutting edge, products on the market.

UniTorq’s U.S. Provisional Application No. 62/255,762 is currently on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.