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Purge/Rebreather Block

UniTorq Purge/Rebreather Block
The UT-PB provides an air purge function that prevents external air from being drawn into the spring chamber during the actuator stroke. This can significantly increase the service life of the actuator by protecting the internal components, springs and seals from corrosive outside contaminates. The UT-PB purge valve also provides a quick exhaust function that increases the fail position speed of spring return actuators. Air is directly exhausted from the module without having to flow through the solenoid valve. The module is easily wafer mounted between a NAMUR style solenoid and actuator without the need for tubing or fittings. The air inlet includes a ¼” NPT thread design for use with different solenoid valves
purge block


  • Protects actuator internal components
  • Increases closing speed
  • NAMUR Mounting
  • Available in hard anodized aluminum or stainless steel

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